Dustin Williams

Are you in a funk? Do you have a loved one that you do not know what to do with anymore? Have you been to traditional treatment? Do you find it hard to obtain long term recovery? Then give Dustin Williams a call. He works with families as well as the one struggling with substance abuse. You find the 12 steps do not work for you? Dustin is  experienced with all modalities to obtaining long term recovery. When he am brought in, he will work on the mind, body, and spirit with challenging clients thinking, law of attraction, fitness programs, 12 step meetings, and much more. Dustin shows the client how to have fun sober.Dustin will take you to the gym, concerts, surfing, skiing, hiking, etc. Dustin has worked for multiple treatment center (also been a patient at a few) so he knows where they fall short.

Addiction effects the family as much as it does the one with the addiction. By leaving the family out of the treatment program, long term recovery is highly unlikely. So, Dustin will work with the families as well as the client. Dustin provide coaching for codependency, enabling, and healthy boundaries.

Dustin Williams is a Nationally Certified Sober Companion, Interventionist, Recovery Coach, Life Coach, and Case Manager who is insured by nation wide insurance company. He also has his Level 1 certificate for Addiction Counseling and is a certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist. He has worked in Addiction Recovery business for over 3 years and currently owns and operates The ABC’s Recovery Service. He is passionate about helping individuals who suffer from addiction and their families. Dustin is an active member in the recovery community and industry. He regularly facilitates connections among treatment professionals to ensure that struggling individuals find the adequate care to recover. Being in long-term recovery himself, he understands the struggles of addiction and has experienced victories that recovery holds. Outside of work he enjoys go to the gym and being of service to those around him

Mission Statement:

To provide superior quality recovery services that: CLIENTS recommend to family and friends, HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS prefer for their patients.

Vision Statement:

To help those who struggle with addiction and their families get well. “One day, everyone will have the opportunity to attain a life free from addiction.” Dustin Williams

*Nationally certified and insured


.“ One day, everyone will have the opportunity to attain a life free from addiction. ” Dustin Williams

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  1. 5
    haileyawashington Submission Jun 19, 2020

    bestest ever

    dustin is very dedicated to his sobriety and is the kindest and hardest working person i know.

  2. 5
    Scavazos Submission Jun 17, 2020

    Sobriety is just a phone call away!

    I have known Dustin almost 5years, I’ve seen him struggle with addiction and I’ve seen him clean and sober. This man is passionate and always willing to help anyone in need. As I have watched him grow his business, I have seen Dustin get thru to people that others gave up on. If you are ready to change and live a sober life Dustin can help guide u there.

  3. 5
    ryandholt Submission Jun 16, 2020

    I know Dustin

    Dustin is an effective sober coach and recovery specialist. He is both professional and kind, two things a person in crises needs. I highly recommend him.

  4. 5
    Jennifer. Submission Jun 16, 2020

    Working with Dustin in recovery

    Dustin’s recovery has been an example of strength, grit and determination. His dedication and passion to help others has been a great influence in my sobriety.

  5. 5
    JMedic2015 Submission Jun 16, 2020

    Dustin Williams

    I’ve known Dustin all my life. I’ve seen every struggle and every triumph. He has fought a long, hard battle to get to where he is at today, and I couldn’t be any more proud of the man he is today. Dustin is dedicated to helping others achieve a clean, sober lifestyle. He is outstanding at what he does!

  6. 5
    Littlemel Submission Jun 16, 2020

    Passionate about healing

    Dustin is passionate about helping those in need of recovery. He is the real deal.

  7. 5
    woodshaylene3 Submission Jun 16, 2020

    The Real Deal

    Dustin is down to heart, knowledgeable , passionate and it doesnt get any better than him !!

  8. 5
    Dom Submission Jun 16, 2020

    It can’t get any better then him.

    Dustin is a well knowledgeable individual. He helped me and so many! You will never be disappointed with his work! Love this guy!

  9. 5
    Leroy Submission Jun 16, 2020


    I have worked with this guy and is solid in his own recovery. His lived experience and his journey is what helps with his success.

  10. 5
    Imaldonado Submission Jun 16, 2020


    Heavy heart
    Open mind
    Very grounded and professional

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