Qualifications: Healer Shaman Exorcist Addiction and trauma recovery specialist Relationship Reinvented Certified Coach©, Relationship Reinvented Certified Root Camp Coach©, Holy Fire IIiI© Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna© Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Healer, Access Bars© Facilitator, Transforming Blockages Facilitator©, Herbalist, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Intuitive, Medium.

Focus on: Spiritual Issues, Relationships, Twin Flame Issues, Inner Child, Trauma, PTSD, Addiction Recovery, Attachments, hauntings, demonic attachments and possession, spells and curses, Newly Awakened Empaths, Fear, and Past Life Issues

I am a firm believer that nearly all addiction and pain come form a spiritual source.  Clear the spiritual issue caused by real trauma and you give yourself the room to grow and choose a different path.  I approach all sessions from an energy stand point first and then we will dig deeper to get to the source of the pain and heal it permanently  No pain means you no longer will be controlled by your cravings, fears, anxieties, and depression.  Then we will work together to bring mind, body, and spirit into balance as well as how to maintain that balance so you are in control of you.  Freedom from pain and misery brings the peace you deserve. 

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Testimonial:  Glenda totally changed my life. I came to her at my lowest point where I was honestly thinking about ending it as I felt I had no other option. I was trying to live sober, but the cravings were kicking my ass from the time I woke up until I went to bed and even in my dreams some times. I was also having really terrifying paranormal activity in my home and moments that I felt I was not the one in control of me. I felt possessed at times. Glenda identified my issue right away as a partial possession that was an ancestral demon. She recommended an on site clearing of me and the house at the same time to prevent anything from jumping ship and then coming back after she left. She fought this thing for a good hour and I honestly had visions of killing her, but she never backed down. She never gave in and gave me the strength to keep fighting. Once I was clear she cleared the house. I was exhausted and went to bed around 4pm. It didn’t dawn on me that I had a peaceful sleep and I didn’t realize until late the next day that I had zero cravings. None. I was completely stunned. I had not been without cravings for the last 6 months. I kept waiting for them to come back, but they never have. I went on to work with Glenda to get to the root of my traumas and why I was drinking to excess all the time and why I could not get sober for longer than a few days. I have now been sober for 3 years. I have Glenda to thank for giving me my freedom from pain and misery. I had tried everything to have relief. No one helped like Glenda did. She was non-judgmental and super compassionate, but would not let me make excuses and wouldn’t let me quit. I owe my life to her and will always work with her when I need an energetic tune up. Danielle P Georgia USA

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