Leadership Coaching in Recovery

 I help people in their addiction recovery to show up with more power, more courage, and more wisdom as they navigate their journey in sobriety. I also work with adults with Asperger’s to show up with more power, courage, and wisdom as they grow to live life at 10.

Working on personal recovery and growth can be challenging. I have the experience and training to be your guide as you explore the thoughts and feelings that make up old behaviors, define realistic goals, and create new paradigms for a life of sustainable fulfillment, growth, and enjoyment. 

My addiction journey began at an early age. The power of being temporarily transformed by alcohol lured me into a long term false sense of success. External appearance and milestones indicated that my life was exceptional and that I was managing well. Internally the committee in my head said it was all fine and that things would work out. I was living with an attitude that prevented me from actively pursuing real goals and growth.

 I lived with a HAVE-DO-BE attitude. When I HAVE it, I will DO something with it, and then I will BE someone. This method seldom leads to fulfillment and success. I now live by a BE-DO-HAVE practice. The consciousness of BEING activates me into DOING, then HAVING the life I desire and design. 

I learned to view my vulnerability as an asset instead of a liability. A place to build new healthy patterns that provide awareness and growth. I sought assistance from organizations, therapists, and coaches as I examined the gap between where I was and where I belonged. I found a true alignment of my thoughts, feelings, and actions with my values and purpose. I now live with gratitude as I consciously and confidently choose how I orchestrate my days. 

My SOBER DATE: 05/01/2002

I’m ready to listen to you tell your story. 

  1. What do you desire?
  2. What are the attitudes and experiences that make you WHO you are today?
  3. Where are you challenged?
  4. How can I be of service to empower you in creating your ideal life?


 Certifications & Trainings

NCRC-1 Nationally Certified Recovery Coach-1

CCAR Recovery Coach Certification

Motivational Interviewing for the Opioid User

CRAFT – Community Reinforcement and Family Training

DBSA Trained Facilitator- Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance


800Gambler.org- 30-hour training

C.E.R.T.-Community Emergency Response Team

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