Kelly Hatcher is Nationally Certified as a Family Recovery Coach, Harm Reduction Coach, Intervention Professional, Sober Companion and Safe Escort through The Addictions Academy. 

  • For the past nine years Kelly has dealt with her son’s addiction to Heroin, Benzos and everything in between. He has been in seven rehabs, numerous sober livings, living homeless for months at a time. She understands calling hospitals, jails and morgues attempting to locate a child. She speaks to parents and students about her personal journey of addiction as an enabling parent and the harm it created, She also shares about drug use and the various drugs in the area they’re living.
  • 28 years as an Educational Counselor working with emotional/behavioral issues
  •  28 years as a K-12 teacher and a trainer.
  • Whether you want to work the 12 steps, SMART, Holistic program, or something else, Kelly would love to support and work with you to find the life YOU deserve.
  • Helping families find peace and be able to enjoy their life while their loved one is in recovery and finding the tools to work with once they are out of recovery.
  • Realizing that this disease affects the entire family and everyone needs support and love to move forward.

Services Being Offered:

Sober Companion

A sober companion assists clients at special events or can reside at the client’s home 24/7 for a week or a month. We help clients navigate in planning and creating sober life skills and a healthy lifestyle. We offer a helping hand in those challenging first days or weeks. Sober companions are appropriate for individuals who are more comfortable with support and daily guidance.

Family Recovery

Addiction tears a family apart. Each person takes on a different role in order to compensate for the unhealthy condition of the addicted individual. Some members of the family get angry; some control the situation; some enable and protect the addict from devastating consequences; some withdraw or turn away to avoid getting drawn into the conflict. With the family system out of balance, everyone learns dysfunctional patterns of behavior to save themselves from the pain that the disease of addiction.


It can be hard to approach someone struggling with addiction. Friends and loved ones mean well but they might not know what to say or do. Our trained Interventionist will help lead a group of family and friends to confront the addict as they motivate them to seek treatment. We encourage with compassion and love to ensure your loved one doesn’t feel attacked. The addicted person may deny that they have a drug or alcohol problem, making open conversation difficult. An intervention is a carefully planned process. they we will walk the family through.

Sober Transport

Sober transporters are trained travel companions who are able to safely accompany an individual from one point to another. Trips can feel overwhelming or even terrifying. We take special care in making sure your loved one is safe emotionally and physically. We’re able to transport an individual who is under the influence, as long as they are safe to fly or drive. We can provide all travel arrangements, assist with proper documentation and confirm their arrival.

Kelly offers a 30 minute FREE consultation. Feel free to contact her and start the New Day changing your life.

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    BoyMomma Submission Aug 26, 2020



    There are so many reasons why families choose to stay silent. I get it. We've been a silent family. Kelly gets it too. She's no longer silent. She's honest. She's genuine. She's sincere. She gets it.

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