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What exactly does a Recovery Coach do with their clients suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction? A Certified Professional Recovery Coach offers a form of strength-based support that includes intensive work within these areas: Accountability, Behavioral Change, Action Planning, Family Relationships, Coping Skills, Triggers, Purpose and Passion, Job and Career, Financial and more. The emphasis is on a client learning how to be productive and handle different aspects of life that may have been damaged by their addictions. 

Louis Trachtenberg has his BA in Community Health Education from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, is a Nationally Certified Interventionist, Nationally Certified Recovery Coach and is near completion with a degree as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Fighting addiction since 2007 Louis has worked with countless addicts through the fellowship of NA to working with Sober Houses and Rehab Centers counseling men and woman on their addictions. Louis’ interventions are extremely beneficial for families who have loved ones experiencing substance abuse disorders and paired with Recovery Coaching the client has a great chance for long term recovery and being a productive member of society.

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