Rob Miller

Seven years ago, my son, then 27 years old, injured his back, and that quickly lead to an addiction to opiates. In spite of great effort from my son, including multiple trips to excellent (and some not so excellent) rehab facilities and sober living homes, he repeatedly relapsed.  For several years, he rode the yo-yo; getting sober, then relapsing after 35 days, getting sober then relapsing after 25 days, then getting sober and relapsing after 50 days, over and over again.  He was stellar in rehab, but sustaining recovery was a bitch. 

My wife and I kept trying to achieve sobriety for him.   Once he made his decision to move to recovery, it happened.  I am deeply grateful to God and the recovery support folks for my son’s 4 years of long-term recovery.  He is living life to his fullest in sobriety.

During the three years of my son’s active addiction, I was clueless.  I was worse than clueless; I was a classic enabler.  But experience is a tough teacher, and I learned.  I learned about choice, active engagement in recovery, recovery coaching and empowerment.  Choice was a challenge for me.  The choices needed to belong to my son, not me.  He needed to be empowered in his own recovery.  These are the key elements of after-care.  I just needed to be an encourager from the sidelines.

Seeing that recovery is achievable, I have had a thirst for knowledge about the recovery process.  I’ve taken peer support specialist certification and recovery coach certification courses.  I fully believe in the power of peer support and coaching.  As they work their own recovery, people need to be guided and supported, and not judged and directed,.  My passion for this recovery approach and other life experiences have lead me to become part of an start-up company that supports coaches and clients, Innovative Treatment Solutions. 

As a certified Recovery Coach, I will utilize all the tools available to help my clients along their recovery journey.   Technology, drug testing, outside resources and continued training will support my efforts to connect with my clients, to engage my clients in their daily recovery plan, and to hold clients accountable. 

I am here to help… one day at a time, one life at a time.

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